Your Tidy Guru

Hi there! I’m Marilena Patera, “The Tidy Guru”

Welcome to my world of organized bliss! I’m the kind of person who believes that a clutter-free space isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a sanctuary where you can breathe freely, find what you need in a heartbeat, and let your creativity flow. I was “lucky” to realize very early on the multitude of benefits that organization offers to our lives and which are unfortunately “lost” in our everyday life.

My Approach

You won’t find any judgment here. We all have our unique relationship with stuff, and I’m here to make it better and not to fill you with guilt. After all, most people in one way or another try to organize their space. Whether it is the “usual suspect” areas, such as the kitchen and the children’s room, or a professional area, the most difficult thing is always keeping this area organized and functional over time. And that is of course the challenge for me through my Services and the organizing tips & hacks each time.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to streamline operations, a homeowner yearning for serenity, or just someone with a closet that seems to have a life of its own – I’ve got your back.


The biggest challenge for an organization professional is to keep the space organized and functional over time. The secret to making this happen is managing the amount of stuff we own. After all, we all have a unique relationship with our things and I’m here to improve that relationship.

I strongly believe in creating a personalized organization system, based on everyone’s needs and everyday life. Such a system can only be functional when it concerns the management of what we really need, which is why the clarification stage is considered crucial. Tidy Guru has the right tools to make this process a breeze.

Fun Facts

  • I’m not a Virgo
  • There are no single socks in my drawer, no capless tapers in my kitchen cupboards
  • I can’t function unless everything is.. in order!
  • My favorite stage in any project is when everything is outside, creating a bit of a mess
  • I never believed that there is a person who has almost 800 pairs of shoes until I had to organize them
  • My house is never tidy